Edward Longmire

Introducing Edward Longmire

What’s goin on world my name is Edward Longmire but everyone calls me “Black”. Im 31 years old iv been incarcerated since 2006 at tha young age of 18 I was given a sentence of life in prison but by Gods will and my fight for freedom that will all change in time. I’m from the eastside of Cincinnati, Oh, and I have 10 brothers and sisters.
I just want people to know that there are a lot of good men & women in prison, people make mistakes in life.Most of us grow up in areas that are below the poverty line and are put in situations where we have to make decisions that we regret but we make that decision purely out of a state of survival. I am one of them people. I hope you enjoy my writing because I speak nothing but the truth and would love to hear y’all feed back. Thank you for your time and God bless.

Edward Longmire
DOC #A567958

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