Here’s a brief discripttion of my book, PUPPETS by Terry Little

This story depicts fiction, and in some ways which is attributed to some lives in the world today.
The story takes place in Chicago where a young journalist who works for the Tribune was once casted out by her peers for an incident which nearly jeopardized her career. When all is forgiven she’s given the opportunnity to redeem her worth, unfortunately it’s after her boyfriend vanishes off the face off of her life which is the reason she gets the story.
Through hurdles of dark secrets striking violence she unravels a systematic scheme of puppeteering in minority communities. Through the process she spills blood sweat and tears into the story; literally, but it is threatened to be taken away by a rival.
Leandra Ruiz is so in deep that it will be a crime if she were to let it go.
With everything on the line–her life, her grandmother’s life, a career making story and her dignity, Lea must act quickly to turn the tides in a fight originally not her own

Terry Little
DOC #A562207

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