Anthony Waters

HEART BURGLARY by Anthony L. Waters


Me and my heart broke up,
But I reconnected with a strong hold,
Looking through the eyes of the window to my soul,
It was burglary of heart,
Love came and ripped it apart,
To my surprise,
I was lost in her pretty brown eyes.

I was fascinated that she was a cutey,
A real beauty,
It was my instincts to want to picture how she felt inside,
So I dig deep for weeks,
When I hit the core it gave me the creeks.

Many times she told me she was in love with a cheater,
She was in love with a man that always beat her,
So I wanted to be the man to teach her,
We shared each others fantasy’s,
Right then I knew she wanted to be next to me.

Now I’m incarcerated,
Locked down I can’t see her face,
I’m missing her lip gloss taste and gripping on her waist,
From the sound of her voice,
I can tell she want to cry,
So before I engage in a conversation,
I begain to apologize,,
Because the other guys didn’t treasure her love so the pleasure is mines,
I just ask for love back like fine wine that get better with due time,
Plus its hard to find love cause u can’t trust nobody.

Invading my privatesy on impulse,
And burglarizing my heart,
Showing me that goals can be achieved if I only received,
What I don’t believe,
Rushing into my heart,
Putting the pieces of trust together like its glue,
Wrapped in everlasting love that only she can see through.

I shed tears not because of the years,
Because I lost a lot of people,
That was close to my heart who was dear,
The burglary that she commited,
Leaves me with the fear,
Of her finding another heart to burglarize,
and leaving me here with just sad and heavy eyes,
Dumbfounded and can’t recognize,
Nothing but my own heart that’s been burglarized.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720786


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