Eddie Tucker

Your ideal By Eddie Tucker

Ladies i want to apologize for the ignorance you’ve encountered up to this point with boys. they have allowed you woman to settle for less you alls worth. Also allow me to apologize for there being only one of me( your ideal lover that is). Truthfully theres alot that comes from me and my visions run deep. like what happened to women wanting to feel beautiful about themselves? or wanting to be called gorgeous when approached by a guy? You can look like Whoopie and my approach would be me woundering in a life time if i’d ever be able to pluck the fruit from a womans autum as beautiful as you all are. only if theres mental stimulation, because mental stimulation stirs the pot for a more intense love making. I was once told, a man ain’t a belt down, but from a heart up. The completion of a man is when you’re willing to love someone other than yourself and pertect the heart they allow you to hold. I am willing to be that completion ladies, I am getting older not younger.
be looking out for bless with a curse pt. 2
On that note , stay safe and beautiful…..
Written while listening to Opportunity by Darion Ja’von
to respond you can contact me on jpay from the app store on your phone.

Eddie Tucker
DOC #A714-396

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