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Just be yourself, be real… Ive done alot of time and thinking in these last 6 yrs, why does everybody sell you dreams or endd up being fake? Is that all thats left in this world? Are all the solid ppl gone orr just hard to find? Ive had ppl jump ship on me and say they will do things ,only to never hear from them again.. IVE COME TO EXCEPT THAT EVERYBODY ISNT THE SAME AND ARE CUT FROM DIFFRENT CLOTHS, i dont do things for something in return, if i rock with youm then i rock with you if i dont then ots slow for ya lol .. pretty much cut and dry..fake ppl tell you what you want to hearr, pray for your downfall, try to get with your significant other or just hatee on you constantly… And who wants that right? Solid, real ppl are are hard to find, but when you find that person they will ride with you , have your back, lift you up , be with you through good,bad,tough, good times, never belittle you or downgrade you and will want you to succeed… Thats what type of person i like to accociate with now..I understand my life is on hold butt im not gone forever, April 2020 is coming and soon ill have to deal with fakes and snakes in society, im preparing myself now . Alot of you may be going through this on the streets, just know you are not alone … THESE ARE JUST THOUGHTS ON MY MIND… hopefully you can relate?Today is good so far im alive and breathing and its another day closer to home:) i just wish there was more solid ppl in this world, it would make it a better place in my opinion… stay focused on what truley matters ,life, family,love ,hope and always stay 100 at all times….. anthony longo #641-313 lebanon correctional inst p.o box56 lebanon , ohio 45036 or at

Anthony Longo
DOC #641-313

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