Terry Allen

#MAgGoTvILLe. By; Terry Allen (aka: GUNZALLY $AVAGE)

Hello World…blessing w/loyalty.. lots of joy & more-life.
so…I’m ohio prisoner: A487358. name: Terry Allen.
dob; July 6 …. age;44 young…
been down…14yrs. on an 57yr..sentence…. for such crime I didn’t commit!
So I couldn’t agree to accept any of the plea deals which came with..” if u tell us who was with u….we ah give u 12yrs!” I’m like how can I ..when ” i didn’t do this….” so I took it to trail & just as judge R.P.Ruleman warned me….if u do not wish to take any of the plea-deals…or my offer of an bench-trial..and tell us the others with you…I’m going to give you the best out of 65years for wasting my time. this socall high profile-case never got no kind of media attention…
she thought I sent some guys to come kick in her door after we had sex..
so she lied on me… & refused the rapekit…I’m not that guy that ever did anything against humanity.
I love to build..I’m positve-energy..& even today in this power abusing hidden world…I’m steel facing extremely racist harshness from my castigators….prison STAFFS & inmates alike….who desires to repeatedly.. to discriminate,intimidate, & indirectly retaliate…making my life an more suffering nightmare!
i always enjoy the perspectives of all walks of life #we.all.are.human!!!
welcome to maggotville.. were its so ill for the real…& the hate of the rank craving fakes & snakes are sooo real..its not 1918!!! ITS 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A487358….Terry Allen….(aka GUNZALLY M $AVAGE)
shape no frowns…just create all smiles…
stay intune till next time.

Terry Allen
DOC #A487358

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