Gerald Tatum

HOW TO FREE ALL MOORISH (Negro,Black,Colored,) Hostages by Gerald Tatum

Now that you have been properly introduced to the 13th,14th and 15th Ammendments, the way have been paved to go behind the scenes of these laws which compiled in infamous “Shallow Grave of Hiram Abiff”. Alot of so called African Americans,Negro ,blacks ‘convicted felons’ are going to be very mad after reading this and tearing down their local law libraries! Balance this lawful history with the United States officially losing its sovereignty in 1871(returning to its original Corporate status as when it was just British Colonies) and your summation will be simply this: All crimes committed since 1871 are commercial crimes and cannot preside over Natural Persons Judiciously.In essence, this state of subsistence is the colorable legalized enslavement of a Nation of People held in here in United States of America. BLACK-according to science means death, void of light or absent of life. Hostage – Any Person(s),Family,Tribe,National or person once free held against his/her will is a Federal Crime(see:Title 18 U.S.C.A.-1203) and nearly always invokes various kidnapping statutes. All people, who are free Nationals, are born with the ‘inalienable Right’ to the inherent nationality of their forefathers,e.g.Chinese,German,Egyption or Moorish.Any act, lawful or disguised,which deprives a person or people of this birthright,given by their Creator is an act of Denationalization and Genocide.WARNING: Nearly all lawyers and judges will slap a Negro,Black,Colored in the face with statements like:the 14th Amenment, over-rode the Dred Scott Case and made the Negro(currently,African-American)citizens of the U.S. According to Federal Rule Title 18,Section 241-242,NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT(courts)TO DENATIONALIZE, DEPRIVE ANY RIGHTS,PRIVILEGES OR IMMUNITIES BY REASON OF COLOR OR RACE. Want to go home? First,Your Status must be Corrected;Always Challenge the Court’s Jurisdiction;Ask Questions that are truth,Never go in Pro Se,Go in Sui Juris with your Live Birth attach to your writ.There is only loophole: You are NOT BLACK,You are a Moorish American.Getting free is not the problem, Some are toooo far gone at this time and these laws cannot free a fool from foolishness no more than taking crime from a Criminal mind.These laws cannot be used by those who are Slave to sin or those who talk the talk of a free Moor but walk the walk of an Negro,Black or African American(all so called blacks are Moors).Make no mistake about it freedom is for who ever looks for it by reading cases.If I can get you to start to think,you can save yourself.Learn the law because every lawyer are sellouts the work for the state privet and public and I Challenge any lawyer in the world on any level because I don’t hide the book behind my back.Tell the Truth and Stop selling people out for money.Contact me if you want to learn the truth about Law Name:Gerald Tatum aka Gerald El Bay, D.O.C.#560444…

Gerald Tatum
DOC #560444

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