Joshua Bridges

(Stressed) By: Joshua Bridges

Let me start by saying that I am new too this Blogging stuff, not typically something that I myself would want to get into. At this point in my life, or shall I say, in my bit I am currently doing my encarcerated time alone. I have previously just served a 4 year sentence and came home september 16, 2016. sadly enough, I managed too get locked back up July 27th, 2017, so thats basically 10 months that I had made it out there in the real world. I have a good work ethic, I just sometimes have chosen to surround myself with the wrong people that like to bring me down instead of lift me up like they should. So what I have decided as of about a year ago, is that I washed my hands of the old circle I used to run with, and with me not reaching out to anybody out there in the real world that I once called my friend, or family member, it let me know who really was here for me. That would be “Nobody”! I have been locked up over a year now and have yet to recieve a single piece of mail, not one jpay, have not talked on the phone at all too anybody. Basically I have opened my mind and realized whos real and who was fakin, and it turns out that the entire cirlcle didnt mean well, they used me for my money, transportation, living arangements etc… I got a big heart, always have, im a thorough country boy with southern hospitality.
At this point in my life I would just simply like some people in my corner that can give me hope, words of encouragement, someone to let me know that im not completely alone. Im surrounded by literally thousands of people, But yet I still feel alone. Thats something that I am really trying too change, Im hoping this blog will reach others and know or sense the stress im under currently doing another 3 years right after a 4 year sentence, im 26 years old with 2 children. Im not a bad guy, I have just made bigger mistakes than others have. Contact me sooner than later, and ill gladly respond too written mail or jpays at this point. I have this thing called “time” on my hands.

Joshua Bridges #740-705
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon OH, 45036


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