Anthony Waters

MY PERSONALITY by Anthony L. Waters


Arguments blamed on my personality,
I can’t control the violence but I embrace the punishment,
Held by my mother,
My father never gave me a hug,
Big brother in the streets his ass holding a grudge,
No love so I cling to being a thug,
Suicidal so don’t stand near me,
Looking in a mirror of self and I fear me.

Playing monopoly where there was only fatalities
behind casualties in my society,
Honestly it bothers me,
Born free but enslaved by my own damn mentality,
Every time I begain to pray and ask for help,
I begain to melt,
You had to be in my shoes to know how I felt.

Close your eyes if u dare and picture me in captivity,
I’m locked up but not free from all misery,
Never witnessed the american dream,
yet I experienced this american nightmare.

From the streets I got my degree how to stay alive,
my family is out of control,
poor momma paid her dues to this diabolical toll,
Same mentality,
Different faces but they still racists,
More cash with better jobs in higher places,
They traded their in sheets for bagdes and robs,
Instead of lynching us they giving us life with out parole,
This is a blunt to your face and u can’t face this.

The constitution say freedom of speech,
So I’m gone speak,
Atheletes and preachers getting more then the teacher who teach,
Do to poverty and drugs,
Kids is harder to reach,
Now the world blaming me for my varietys of personalities,
I sit back and rimenise on how black leaders who died for me.

God’s child,
though the world put me on the level with the devil,
When u talk about blacks,
They gone talk about me for ever.
New movement black lives matter is the new improvement,
You talk love but can u prove it,
being a bacteria is the same as an allergy,
you can’t accept me because you judge me by my circumstances
which have an out look on my personality..

peace the true and living

DOC #720-786


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