Maurice Cayne

My life as an Inmate By Maurice Cayne

(Warren Correctional Institution. P.O. Box 120. Lebanon Ohio. 45036)
Some days are hard and some days are easy. The worst days are when you call home and you hear your mom has died.
My mom had stage 4 brain cancer. It broke her down in a little less then a year. Those were the hardest 345 days of my life. My mom tryed to help me through it,but I just could not accept what was to come sooner then later.” I’M in Gods hands now” Is what she would tell me everytime we talked. I struggled, struggled struggled through that time. I even went as far as going to the hole just to pull myself back together. After awhile I grew to accept the loss of my super woman,the rock of our family,the person who worked day and night to make sure her kids wanted for nothing. Our family of 5 steadly grew apart my little sister had a baby at 18,my older sister was off doing her own thing struggling to take care of her own family. Then my older brother on my moms side we just lost contact. some of us felt like he felt as though he was better then the rest of us. Esspecially me and my brother on dads side,since we’re both in prison.

Maurice Cayne
DOC #635145

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