Justin Oliver

introduction blog post.. by Justin Oliver

hello all!
my name is Justin Oliver. I am currently incarcerated at Lebanon correctional facility located in Lebanon Ohio.
its a higher lever security institution. so most of the other guys here are or have been down awhile, mostly sent here for disciplinary reasons from other institutions.
for instance, I was kicked out of two institutions in one year, so they sent me here.
needless to say, THIS PLACE SUCKS!
oh, sorry. I’m supposed to be telling you a little about myself.
so I’ve been incarcerated for a total of…*counting on fingers* ….let see…(carry the one)…….oh, this will be my 12th year of incarceration, with 3 prison numbers. I did one year, got out for six months, then caught a 3 ball (3 year term), got out for like almost a year then caught this 10 that Im walking off now.
so I’m 8 years in on that 10, with 2 more to go.
my out date is 1/11/2021.
oh, And my case, basically what I’m here for is robbery. well, robberies. plural.
anywho, im in a loving relationship with this vary British chick from England. or at least im pretty sure I am…. I can barely understand her half the time given rather thick British accent. but from what I have deduced, I’m pretty sure were in love and exclusive.
its either that, or there’s this vary scared and confused white British chick out there who can’t understand why there’s this American inmate who keeps calling and demanding phone sex.
here I think I have a girlfriend, but in reality I have a sex abuse victim, and an impending indictment!
UM, let’s see….I enjoy writing, reading, working out lime a crazy person, and those other rather quintessential prisony ass activities.
I dont talk to anyone from the streets anymore, just because that’s how it goes when you’ve been locked up for so long. but I didnt have vary stable friends at the time of my incarceration anyway. so where other people would have buddies or family members to look out for them, or keep them involved in the outside world And circle of friend via letters or visits, or involvement with social media and stuff like that, I never had anything like that. so this opportunity to do this blog is a really good way for me to feel connected to the outside world.
oh, my Aunt! I have an awesome aunt who just,, aw man, I just love her. she’s like the only one who actually takes time to write me and talk to me and stuff like that. she’s the closest thing i have to a mom.
that lady’s a FUCKING SAINT!!!!
um, so I’m 37 (36?) no, as much as I would love to be 36, I’m pretty sure Im
37. but for some reason the O.D.R.C. has my information wrong and have my age down as like 28 or some shit. I keep going them its wrong, but they don’t care.
oh, I almost forgot, if you want to contact me personally (although I can’t for the life of me why you would)
you can reach me on: jpay.com
or write me snail mail at:
Justin Oliver #610-338
P.O. box 56
Lebanon Ohio, 45036
and PLEASE, don’t write me creepy messages. I just…. for some reason I attract creeps, who, in my defence, at first always appear like normal,well adjusted people. but then by the time I figure out there creepy, I’m already friends with them, and their telling me they love me. and I’m just generally a nice guy, who doesn’t want to hurt peoples feelings….
long story short, my super creepy girlfriend says I can’t talk to any other girls if they have a romantic interest in me.
(or at least that’s what I THINK she said?)
I don’t know. but like, if your a middleaged gay man, who just LOVES my snarky snarkisims, and says to yourself, “now here’s a guy who seems fun, and open minded!”
let me stop you RIGHT THERE.
let’s see, what els…….oh, um, just so you know, and just in case your Wondering what I AM. as in like my genetic makeup, I am biracial. half black, half Jewish.
which, I know, I KNOW…its a weird mix. but I like to think of it like a weird, ADORABLE mix. much lime the beloved labor-doodle.
oh, and there’s a vary enlightening episode of “locked down” you can watch on YouTube,just to get a better understanding of the environment I’ll be talking about. just type in “locked down/Lebanon correctional institution.” and I should pop up on YouTube for you to watch.
um, OK. that’s about it for my introduction.
I look forward to growing and learning and healing with you…
no, mostly I’m just going to be talking a lot of shit. but if you’re into that sort of thing, this sort of random,meandering one way conversation thing I have going on, WELCOME FRIEND!
until Tomorrowland….
(Hmmmm….tomorrowland…that’s has a cool ring to it. can I use that? has that been tradmarked yet? ah, whatever.)
until then.

Justin Oliver
DOC #610338

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