Ronald Moore

Introducing Ronald Moore

Hello, how are you? Thank you for your time. My name is Ronald Moore, I am 46 years old, I have been incarcerated for 13 years and I am going to be released in October 2019. I am the father of one adult son, never been married, I have taken advantage of ALL the oppurtunities presented in prison to improvee myself as an
individual, human being, and Man of GOD. I am interested in sharing some of my concerns in returning to society after being away so long. I am a licensed barber, college graduate, and certified facilitator of programs. I am a fitness fanatic, and aavid runner. I enjoy mature adult conversations. I am from Columbus, Ohio but I am considering relocating? I believe I have ALOT to offer and hopefully you will take advantage of this opportunity to converse with me? Have a great day! God bless, Peace, Ron

Ronald Moore DOC #529924
P.O box 56
Lebanon, Ohio, 45036
Thanx, I look forward to hearing from you

INTRODUCTION: Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Ronald C. Moore, Jr, I am 46 years old, I am single, never been married, and I am the father of an adult son. I am a graduate of Ohio university, a licensed barber, a certified program facilitator and fitness instructor. I am from Columbus, Ohio, extremely active in building the Kingdom of God. I am the founder of Kingdom Builder’s Mentoring Ministries. I am a avid distance runner, exercise and health advocate. For the past 13 tears I have been isolated to this world of incarceration. I will be released in October 2019. Alot has changed in the world and society since I left in 2005. It is imperative for me to reconnect to society before my release next year. I need to socially interact with non prison oriented people. I am interested in mature,Independent, intelligent, positive, professional, fun, spiritual. educational, sincere, productive and encouraging conversation. O challenge you to challenge me. My goal is to return to society and become a successful, positive, productive, and effective leader in my community state and nation.My purpose is to bring gloty to zgod bt being a reflection of His love. Contact me at Ronald C Moore #529924, LeCI P.O Box 56 Lebanon, Ohio 45036 Peace, Ron

Ronald C Moore
DOC #529924


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  1. Hi Ronald, all the best as you prepare for life on the outside. I’m sure you’ll be a great mentor to young people to try and avoid prison and live lives to the full. I’m glad you seem to have not wasted your time in prison and pray that you have a good life on the outside. God bless, Robert 🙂


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