Anthony Longo

Introducing Anthony Longo

hey my name is anthony longo # 641-313 im at lebanon correctional inst . p.o. box 56 lebanon ,ohio 45306, i down for agg vhecile assult hit and skip, pretty much i was texting and driving and caused a bad accident in mentor ,ohio.. im doing 8 yrs been down 6yrs and come out in april of 2020, im single no kids ,have a brother, and sister goodd family that has my back, im trying to stay focused and do the right thing . im from cleveland,ohio ive accomplished ‘masonry’ and reading blueprints as well. im trying to get a horticulture license also so i can start a landscaping company… pretty much im a good guy just made a bad decision that night , so please dont text and drive.. YOU CAN BE IN HERE LIKE ME FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!! well ill write more later…also you can contact me at thank you and god bless….

INTRO BLOG; my name is anthony longo im at lebanon correctional inst. im single no kids and am doing 8 yrs have 6 in and will be out april 2020. im doing time for texting and driving, pretty much agg vhecile assult and hit and skip, so please dont text and drive..while in here ive done, masonry and reading bluprints , i hope to start a lanscaping company once out..i am from cleveland ohio,i have a good family 1 brother and 1 sister and a mom who help when they can all my other friends jumped ship loli guess outta sight outta mind…im looking to explain what life is like here and build with ppl and help them not go through what i am going through… well thats a lil about me , 🙂 ill blog more later.. god bless… you can reach me at either: or anthony longo #641-313 lebanon correctional inst. p.o. box 56 lebanon ohio 45036

Anthony Longo
DOC #641-313


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