Anthony Howe

Introducing Anthony Howe

My name is Anthony I am 24 yrs old, I’ve been incarcerated since I was 19 currently serving a13 year sentence for Aggravated Robbery I began this journey the winter of 2013 and will be on my way home the winter of 2026…. The choices I’ve made in my life were a mix of trial and error, but I would say Ive played the cards that were dealt to me. “As you can see Im no poker player” but you live and you learn… I am destined for success and will accept nothing less…. I dream a lot and I dream BIG and with this time I was given I’ve chose to use it to sharpen myself! I was always told you are who you hang out with, so I’m choosing to seek out better, more positive people to surround myself around and help in my future growth and in doing so I believe I have a lot to offer to anyone who’s willing to give me the time!

Anthony Howe
DOC #653681

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