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Hello…My name is Daniel Carnes. I am 35yrs old.I have been incarcerated since April 8,2000,and I am eligible for parole in May,2023.I believe in Jesus, and I love to encourage people.I am a very passionate person,and serious about living life joyfully,and with a purpose.I love to read,study,and share my findings with others,and make them aware of God’s great love for them.I love to play guitar,draw,and exercise.I really love dogs.I have trained a therapy dog,and I trained service dogs for several years.I am currently involved in a program that nurtures rescue dogs with love,healthy human interaction,and some basic training,eventually finding them a good home.I can be contacted via Jpay,or at the following address:

Daniel Carnes (#404-171)
PO Box 901
Leavittsburg,OH 44430

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  1. Why haven’t you given any reason? Answered the family’s question of just why? No you have left us daily thinking of Jake and his wonderful potential. His infectious kindness, humor and accepting everyone. You do not deserve ANY freedom EVER. I truly felt sorry for your father. He saw my Dad, Jake’s Grandfather in the hall.. Your father in tears apologized to my Dad. My Dad told him he didn’t blame him… it was you Daniel Scott Carnes that needs to walk the walk and talk the talk of a true follower of Jesus and reach out to Jake’s brother. You have no idea of the huge family and cousins of Jake that have to go through each moment of every day only picturing Jake being slumped over DEAD and your continuous lies. As the judge stated on the record you deserve to spend life in prison. Jacob Lawrence Gilligan is DEAD why should you ever have we you denied Jake of living and being free.


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