Edward Martino III

an introduction to healing by Edward Martino III (aka ‘Tino’)

there are times when I lay awake an wonder what is the purpose in tomorrow…….
I know that in the environment I live in doubt an vulnerability are things that are not as commonly exhibited for everyone to see as are hostile ignorance an a stubborn know-it-all arrogance….I thirst for a realness I get very little of here in this place I know is not at all the real world…
my name is Tino an I am recently just 34 yrs young an going on 10 years removed from society w more than half of those spent in maximum security,23an1 lockdown. I am full of emotion from both ends of the spectrum.I feel everything so fully,from the extreme absence of compassion an the feminine softness I crave as a man to the up front an center presence of violence an immediate disrespect that only comes from I’ll educated an confused youth being supervised by poorly educated an socially retarded middle aged men an woman. as I said before there is very little here behind these walls that represents the real world .it is left to the individual to make a conscious choice to better his self,to educate an to be motivated to find talents he otherwise never knew existed.
I reside in the ODRC (Ohio dept of rehabilitation an correction) I was given 3 cosecutive life sentences without parole for the loss of three peoples lives who tried to pull me from my truck an rob me.of course that was not the way it was presented in the media or by the prosecutors….but thats a different story for another time….which I have much of.
I am an intelligent an soulful man w wisdom of things I probably shouldn’t have come to know all in one lifetime an I can only hope I’m not even halfway through this one yet.I yearn for understanding an meaningful connection an more so to share real connections w like minded an learned individuals.it is in these connections I Learn more about myself an maybe the things I took for granted In my limited years In the free world.much like other young men from single parent households an basic inner city education I was consumed w the small universe of southwest canton,Ohio an my three children an their mothers an the few family members an friends I shared my ups an downs w.I have many regrets an I know I have burned many bridges.I also have memories so full of love an joy its sometimes overwelming,for I have built many more bridges than I burned in my younger days.and the birth of my children only strengthened my realization that a man must have a sort of code he abides by,one he intermixes honor an love an respect an a certain moral standard he doesn’t stray from…I am still building on that code now an am sure it will be a work in progress till my dying day,but the cornerstones have been laid,the foundation is solid,and I am building ……..always building!
I choose to look at the glass as half full.I believe that the one true god has a plan for everyone.the architect of destiny holds me in his favor.I am sure….I am a firm believer in hope,faith and love.and as u know the strogest of these is love.an I will not let the cold stiffness of these concrete walls an steel diminish its power.often I find myself right here at the end of the day in bed on my back wondering……what is the purpose in tomorrow….i dont always fall asleep w the clear answer,but i know as long as love is present an true I will prosper an thrive in all areas of my personal life an be able to Be a strength unshakable for those I love…..and in doing so I will heal….

this is my first time writing but it will not be my last.
if u would like to correspond my info is Edward Martino III #582014 @jpay.com or (name/#) po box 56 Lebanon, OH 45036

Edward Martino III
DOC #582014

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