Mario Gipson

Life with no true meaning.. By Mario Gipson

See I just lost my only child an I also lost my mom to cancer an a month after that I lost my father to a head on car crash I had a brother how also got killed an they still don’t no who did it I got a sister but we only talk around the holidays but to be honest I like it like that but deep down in side I just want to no what my life is going to be like when I get out, it’s like I don’t have anything to live for everyone I care about is gone an the money that my mom an dad left it’s to start over but there is no one to come home to , so what am I 2 do .l want to live a normal life I want to no what my purpose is in life but as of right now there is no meaning to my life.

Mario Gipson
DOC #624-236

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