Marvin Burrage

“Born to Win, Raised to Lose” by Marvin J Burrage

# Page 3
my moms was taking care of this lady named Charlotte and she ran the numbers from her bed she never got out of bed,but she use to sleep with bags of money,moms sometimes took us over there for what I don’t know,but we would go outside and play me and Ronnie until it started getting dark outside,then we would just have to sit there until it was time to go home,we sometimes rode the bus home or got a ride,one night me and Ronnie snok out the house about 1 in the morning and went down to Charlotte house and Ronnie somehow had a key to the door,she was sleep so we got a broom to pull the bag of money,here we was an 11 an 9 year old kid walking the streets with a bag of money,oh we new the value of a dollar,we split the money up and we had about 4 or 5 hundred dollars a pieces, on the way back home the police got Ronnie because he was buying something from the gas station I was standing on the side of the building using the bathroom,so I had to walk home day myself and get there before the police,when I got home I hide the money and got in bed the police didnt bring Ronnie home,so the next day I got my money put some to the side and gave the rest to my mom,she asked where I got it I told her I found it,wouldn’t you know she called gene,I know she did because that night he came over I tryed whipping me with a belt then I guess that wasn’t working,he tryed sticking a sock in my mouth I kept telling him it smelled like bleach ,so I guess he got tried of struggling with he because at this point he filled the tub up with water and tryed to hold my head under water but I pulled out the stopper,that mad him mad,he broke the milk crate and back then it was all wood solid,he sat on top of me and beat me with that wood for what seems like forever,when he was done blood was all over me and he just said get in the tub in cold water,I couldn’t even set down cause my ass hurt that bad plus I was bleeeding,to this day the blood clot on my ass is still there because I never got stitches and back then wasn’t none of that shit like you got today that helps kids,back then you was ass out,anyway I think he didn’t like the fact that he never seen me cry,I did hollar because I figure that will get whoever was beating me at that would stop,but when it was over I would go somewhere and cry,anyway my mom didn’t say shit about this man trying to kill me,when Ronnie finally came home I was happy and I don’t remember,but we all was getting ready to go to wood hill park gene played baseball there but it was our time to run free and do whatever,the older people would watch the game,this as really the only time when we didn’t have to worry about getting a whipping, so every time wood hill was mention we ran to the car even the times we had to walk was fun,I remembered it was the fourth of July and we was inside all day and I think moms had to go to work that night,me and Ronnie went out to play,we ended up over by woodland hill,it was a grocery store right on top of the hill it was closed, I don’t remember how we got in that store but that was the day I started smoking, while Ronnie looked around for the money I sat at the counter smoking a Newport, all the time I use to watch people smoke I was smoking now,so we stole cigarette and firecrackers and what money that was found,the next day moms whipped us with a curtain rod,then we go over to grandma house and you know she gonna whip you to but to our surprise we didn’t get whipped,she lived on Wade park,in a building and everybody knew her I think only four people lived in their and she live right across the street from Baldwin furenal home,that where granddad had his furenal,my granddad was the best,when we go over there he use to take me everywhere and he use to give me 50 cents,and we. will be sitting out on the porch eating watermelon, then he will stay you want some of this beer he drank Budweiser and I would say yeh he say give me back the 50 cents,and I would hurry up and drink it before somebody come,they say he was scared of water and wouldn’t go to the HTS, but one night he was talking us home and he made a stop and he got out the car and was talking to this women the women was mad about something but I head her say who is that bitch in the car and he told her that was his daughter but I don’t think she believed him because what seemed like area days later they found my granddad dead up in Garfield HTS in a swimming pool and he was suppose to be at work,to this day I believe that women had something to do with his death.

Marvin J Burrage
DOC #256209


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