Science, philosophy, politics and poems. by Travis M Smith


Miss freckles
The first time I saw you,I thought it was so nice,how your freckles were sprinkled about,like stars upon the majestical night sky.
your voice was so sweet,like honey poured into my ear,as you said hello or goodbye.
your smile shining like the sun,but now and for so long,my path you have shun.
oh miss freckles,I don’t understand why…why,why,why?
I try to pretend everything is okay,but something is amiss,a perturbing feeling,I must attempt to express this.
oh there are others,but without you it is just not the same,
and still the mystery remains.
it does not make me mad,oh just very sad,not to see you anymore
but perhaps some sunny day i’ll look up to see you smiling,
but until then,miss freckles, au revoir.

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

Categories: poems, Travis Smith

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