Anthony Waters

MY TO FEE TO THE GAME by Anthony L.Waters


We mobbed together,
We was knee deep in the streets,
We robbed together,
when the storm was dark and we was in a tight situation
together we waited out the weather.

She stood right by my side,
she was my treasure,
Never ending love because I knew she was someone special,
We dedicated our selves to each other and life became more precious,
when she wanted attention she would stand so close where I can feel her heat,
May say or do some jealous shit so I can sweep her off her feet,
so I honored and respect her by coming home every night to sleep,
We both are tenacious with dreams of living in a home that’s so spacious.

For her sake I made up my own mind to fall back on the streets,
because the game I was playing in I knew the others played for keeps,
So I made a promise to change her life,
so I’m getting down on one knee and asking her to be forever my wife..

I believe she should hear I love yous a million times,
I set boundaries and crossed the lines,
not trying to be like my homies going down for a thousand crimes,
now I respect how different it is when a man is on a positive grind trying to turn a penny into a honest dime.

I finally found someone to take a chance on me,
I’m willing to wake up every morning around Five ol’clock,
not to hit the block,
not to sell some rocks,
I wasn’t a boxer,
though every morning at six a.m I’ll make it my business to punched in a clock.

hardship comes sometimes back to back
weighing out my options in life before making a decision I include my wife,
My Queen keep my heart clean from malice and strife,
when all fails she recognized I am her king,
and I recognized she is my Queen,
can’t nothing tear us apart because together we make one hellava team.
ForEver Entwined we helped each other chase down our dreams,
taken on the world with out the diamonds and pearls,
beyond selfishness I figured it was just enough room in life for me and my girl.
she hide my shame,
my heart that beat she is my Fee to the Game.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786


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