Clarence Vie

Empathy. by clarence vie.

What happen to love,if a inmate cant reach out to those he or she lift at
SOME PEOPLE CANT CONCENTRATE on the streets,and ajust to the laws of prison life. See time takes them away from old love to a new reality.
Or ifea of real life.
Say if they not answered a letter from home.
There excuse is ,if asked’ i love you but i cant do time like what was ,and is isnt a relationship.father its a dis functional one.does? One
Think if things were on the flip side,and home says a lot is going on in
The real world,and i just havent had the time,but i still love you. Sure
Everyone has to make a liveing but mates work too.things dont just
Come to us,but what happen to love,everything in a relationship should
Grow,why is it sometimes growing apart.
Time and love is just that’not a stop watch.the more we keep in contact
The better the dream is.its ambition is togetherness ,and in place.
Conversations,and ideas are healthy.sometimes there are arguments
Pressure due to emotions but thats why visits shouldnt be neglected also,but some people believe that arguements are healthy ,only things i Understand about that is the makeing up essue lol.
One thing about prison,the streets you can be what you wish to be.
In prison you can have super model ,and a sexie lover On the phone.
On the streets you can be old,and out of shape,bit on the phone your
Voice a dream boat. but before we go off topic,what happen to love
When so much time apart has taken us else ware,cause we didnt share
New ideas.ware was the loveing to each other,and planning to better
You alls first mind together.what! Happen to the continuity.
Is there a on and off button to love.a click of a button.can we say today im going to injoy love ,but tomorrow ill pass it up till i need it like sex.
Love isnt prudent planning,but share,and share alike.
Two homosexuals dont love each other cause she see gay,rather they reflect on one onothers day,and night.
People ” hear me, can a inmate be selfish to a non inmate .no.
No more then a zero help a number one,but the zero can make its self
Avalible and cause unconditional has all the time ,an money and power of site beyond site.

Question:how? Do we tell the one we love goodbue for good and how do we say the things we thought we never could.
The zero told the one i need you.and the one said to the zero you should have made time for me.the inmate is the zero,guess who the
One is.

D.o. b 4-5-65 (eds date 7-16-24

Clarence Vie
DOC #392977


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