by Terry Little

In this environment I’ve been introduced to a number of characters, which can be described as diverse, but analogued in so many catagories. For example:
There are gangs. Some use that sort of platform to display their dominance, some use it to feel superior of another, some use it for protection and would do anything possibleto show their loyalty.
There are repeat offenders; they are the ones who fail to see themselves in the eyes of men serving a bundle of time who they’ve seen a number of times upon their return. They fail to realize that freedom from such a desolate place means everything, that given the chance absolves you from degradation and the ability to appreciate the love that one desires to imbue upon family members and others.
There are what they call “Jack boys” in here.
These are men who have little appreciation for women, little respect, and they are the ones who will pull their privates on a woman as if she were an image on screen.
The meaning this being spoken of is because men among men in prison the sytem will fail to remove the best apples, and instead also collect those that has fallen on the ground.

Terry Little
DOC #A562207

Categories: prison, Terry Little

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