Major McCormick

Bars by Major McCormick

Bear with me people I cant see anything so Im like a blind man writing on a wall, im clueless to what comments are being made, negative or positive, so you can truly compare me to some one who has never heard or seen the world. From my physical position I am in, its as if I was never born, or once born centuries ago and forgotten. Which is better? I’ll let you find the answer to this with in your own existence..

Every living being deals with isolation to some degree. And to some, isolation is a cabin in the woods far from the sound of a city. To others time away from their busy life. And for the few that are not aware, ask yourself when was the last time you enjoyed a heart to heart with someone and felt nourished.. encouraged, and equipped to handle your day? Take a little time out of each week to check on grandparents stop to ask if youre okay? When you see a person that usually smiles, but today seems tensed or down. Life is more , much more than selfish thoughts those are the only thing that can truly isolate you from a loving world. Today try sending a nice message to some one you feel needs it…

Major McCormick
DOC #686167


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