Robert Cassidy

(Actions are louder then words) By Robert Cassidy

Do not say you love me with your tongue if that’s not in your heart ,
If you love me then your actions will say all that is needed to be said with out question,
I have witnessed more then enough good intentions ,let downs and broken promises to carry me the remainder of my days ,Good intentions have paved the road to hell while actions have paved the road to heaven , It is not so much the things we say in life that matter the most,
But more so the things we do through our actions that matter and are remembered in life,
If you love me you will keep me close at heart stay loyal and struggle with me, You will Honor me and respect me even in my absence True love will conquer the greates obstacles in life and prevail every time .
True love will be at your aid in your time of need ,
While fake love will show up at your funeral when it’s your time to leave .
God Bless

Robert Cassidy
DOC #732-244

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