Stephen Coe

new to blogging by stephen coe

hello my name is stephen coe im 28 im set to be released 10-07-19 i am a father of 4 children i like to write though sadly spelling isnt my strong suit. i can be reached here on jpay my inmate number is a677973 when i was sentenced to prison i was involved in a robbery burglary and i had a drug possetion i was sentenced to 4 years i got out on a judical completed drug court and was doing good till i relapes im a recovering heroin addict ive been sober about 1-1/2 now and i do what i can to help those in here who also suffer from addiction being away from your friends family is hard but when they forget about you your time becomes even harder this is my second time in prison and ill be out in a year but i use to be very resent full i dont want to be a angry person so i started writing a journal and i realized how much that has helped me i heard about this and really wanted to try it out maybe have a chance to be heard to let ppl know if your loved ones are locked up it means more to them to send them a letter asking them if there ok and you love them than puttign money on there books idk like my tittle states im new to this ill include a pic. in my first blog and hopfully you guys will enjoy my post over the next year im at allen corectional in ohio btw dot mind the homeless beard look lol

Stephen Coe
DOC #677973


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