Eric Denson

My Life by Eric Denson

Heloo my name is Eric Denson and I am 40 years of age. I am from Cleveland,Ohio but currently reside at N.E.O.C.C. for a short period of time. I came to prison in 2003 and will be released on 8/7/2027. I have made mistakes in the past, but since being here I took the time to better myself so I don’t have to go back out into society to repeat history again. I am currently taking programs to elevate my knowledge into wisdom. Now I choose this time to explore bloggers. It is my belief, while reaching out and recieving other peoples corrective criticism and opinons that will help give me a more broader look at myself. It is my belief also that my purpose in life is to rebuild my second temple, not man-made with hands. Yes you guessed it, if you were wondering I am a very spiritual person who travels from east to west in search of the light. I also study many different catagories of philosophical philosophies that arrange from Plato the theosophical society as well as few pieces of metaphysics of the 90’s. Basically I am a nice, young man who is not judgemental and willing to share my world in here with the outside world. I am also willing to politic with a/ correspond with anyone who’s willing to reach back in to teach and show there sense of the light. Im very big in the conspiracy theoirs with the government, aliens and all, too even sum sodom material. I hope to hear back from someone soon. Hope you have many blessed days! To contact me use my JPay address at Eric Denson #451212.

Eric Denson
DOC #451212

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