Terry Little

Introducing Terry Little

About me; My name’s Terry Little, I’m 31 years old and currently serving time at the Northeast correctional facility in Youngstown Ohio.
My passions for the passing of time during my incarceration is writing. I’ve currently became a novice in writing essays, and recently won a competition involving the topic on recreating laws, a competition which was ran by the NAACP here. At the moment I’m finishing a book called “PUPPETS” it’s my second books with over fifty thousand words. It’s something I’m proud of.
I’m on a mission to better myself, to have chances, because during my trial I was not given one. My it’s in the past, so I strive for a better day. I’m a consistant donor to the St, Judes Children’s hospital, I like to say it saved my life emotionally.
Writing I believe will take me home, because currently I’m serving a 33 year to life sentence with eleven years in, so it keeps mee hopeful.
I can be pessimistic sometimes, but for the most part I try being optimistic. Writing is what makes it more plausible.
If you would like to reach me:Necco Little 562207 2240 hubbard rd youngstown Ohio
44505. I look forward to your messages

Terry Little
DOC #562207

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