Rickie Alsip

Introducing Rickie Alsip

name, rickie lee alsip age, 35 years old intake and release date, arrest oct 2007 parrole eligability dec 2018 serve out may 2022 a little about me, im from louisville ky. i injoy drinks with friends, shooting pool,and going out dancing. i like to hunt and fish, but my major passion is ridding motor cycles. i miss my harley bad. there is nothing like the wind in ur face on a open road. i also like horror films, anything scarry, dead or halloween stuff. i injoy to draw and do portrates of facesand i also do tattoos outof my home on the side.i am ingaged to get married to my best friend, a girl ive known since the 5th grade. prision or not i am verry blessed. rickie alsip#218404 green river correctional complex po box #9300 central city ky 42330 to suzzie thank u for adding me to inmateblogger.com this is a great outlet for inmates. sorry to hear that ur man is in prison, tell him to keep his head up and stay focused. thanks for holding himand all inmates down, ur great. have a good day

Rickie Alsip
DOC #218404

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