Eddie Tucker

Introducing Eddie Tucker

My name is Eddie Tucker, I am thirty-eight years of age. I stand at six feet one inches tall and weigh two hundred and ten pounds.
l am currently incarcerated for felonious assault, I punched my cousin ONE time for pushing me and was given five years for that ( true story). but l am do to depart in nine months (6/8/19), so I will no longer be held within limits.
Moreover; I am a license barber and have been for over twelve years.
I love to read books and i am a open book as we speak, i love to travel; listen to music of all kinds and getting to know people of any race. I am open minded with a level head on my shoulders and would love that warm embrace from a women touch do to my departure. let’s get to know one another.
allow me to say do to me getting ready to come home, I have been on dating sites trying to meet local singles. but I see that the dating sites became a way to hookup for sex only, if that is your only agenda for contacting. I will past on the desease and will wish you well in life, but to you wishing to be reconize as beautiful human beings. let us talk…
p.s if you wish to contact me, download the jpay app on your phone and type in my info: Eddie Tucker #A714-396 You can send a photo and tell me a little about yourself. On that note, stay safe and beautiful.

Eddie Tucker
DOC #A714-396

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