Derrick Givens

Introducing Derrick Givens

Derrick Givens age 43 re entered into prison on a parole violation in may 2013 will be release september 2022. I’m from butler county which is the city of hamilton ohio. i like reading non fiction books i like writing rap songs i’m a taurus the bull i’m 5 foot 8 weigh 200 pounds. i’m african american i’m born in montgomery alabama and i’m the oldest of 9 siblings. i’m also a father of 2 girls ages 7 and 11. my contact info is Derrick Givens 526-481 l.e.c.i. p.o. box 56 lebanon ohio 45036. i will be writing lyirics from a song titled ( what can make you trust ) By Derrick Givens I got my priorities together all the above/ i don’t gang bang no more or sell drugs/ don’t have with bloods/ or hang in clubs/ i can feel your pain i made a change to love/ now you don’t have to judge by the way i walk/ cause you can’t see in my head and comprehend my thoughts/ cause if you could i guarantee you would smile/ eventhough i’m from the hood i’m still God’s child/ with a innonvative life style the truth must be told/ resuscitate your mentality and touch your soul/ my heart is like gold but never purchased to sport/ but need to lay in your hands for care and support/ and yes of course in moments of celebrations/ special ocassions/like a 30 day vacation/ around the world from the U.S. to Spain/ feed you white grapes and sip white champagne/ catch up with James Brown for the night train hand in hand/ i might sound like a boy but i’m a man/ i’m done with games is that clear to your sight/ this ain’t no synthetic depiction that appear to be right/ look at me i’m the light that the darkness obeys/ riding through like a ocean with sea shells of jade/ i’m hear to save you from lack of hope/ turn your sadness to laughter when i crack jokes/ alleviate agony/ a woman with no idenity/ is sad to me/ and sad see/ assault and battery has hurt your spirit/ so when a real man tried to speak you wasn’t trying to hear it/ like Jason conversation with Lyric but this ain’t no movie/ excuse me this is the Facts of Life and you ain’t Tootie/ and this call ain’t for the bootie but to wake up/ not moving too fast how long witl it take us/ to make up/ cause we belong together/ strong together/ rectifying right from wrong together/ of this puzzle you the missing link/ and i can provide affection worth more than a mink/ no need to see a head shrink let me deal with you/ scrutinize your difficulties when i chill with you/ keeping it real with you no shame/ mentally elevate you without being profane/. the end thank you for taking the time to read this part of a song called ( what can make you trust ).

Derrick Givens
DOC #526-481


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