Joshua Hairston

To whomever has taken of time, (Man’s most precious commodity)…Thank you. By Joshua Hairston

I have fought literally,in some capacity, everyday and night of the past decade for my life.Struggling with all that I am to hold on to the hope of regaining my God-given right of liberty; it unjustly pried from my boyish hands.This crime, a product of a system of laws legislated in the spirit of Justice, yet susceptible to manipulation they are used to justify injustice, and this the case more often than not.I,in due diligence, reached for the authority of the land and received no reply in line with Justice.I thought to galvanize the citizens, for in the majority there is believed to lie Rule.Whenever there came some fable of relief, I excavated its Paleolithic frame only to discover as others have, IT is long extinct.I have perused the law, in search of support for the truth.Upon uncovering some historically sturdy statute, the courts – their representatives – would in the most malicious way mock at how insignificant the Truth is against Structure… established power.I have witnessed kind teens grow into violent men, heterosexuals forced into homosexuality, I have looked in the eyes of one innocent in youth, and mourned as goodness passed.I have not found prison to be rehabilitative. Rehabilitative is the fear of never escaping, that fear is such that it could change with very little difficulty one who, of course, cares for freedom.It is both humbling and humiliating to have known the seemingly irreversible degradation of humanity.”Behaving like animals”… an offensively unfitting combination of words, when used in reference to sentient beings, but correctly combined, sadly,under such conditions.There Has To Be A Better Way! (Not a cheaper way,[ more cost-effective for taxpayers ] a better way. Though it cost much less to educate/help a prisoner/person than to house him 20 and 30 years.What a waste of the greatest treasure in all the earth…Human potential.) Nelson Mandela once said, “It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.” The most progressive and forward of all nations on the planet, the problems we cannot solve are the ones we overlook.
Help me…I am one determined to Change the world.

** Please Real Criminal Justice Reform.*

Contact : – Joshua Hairston # 1411138, Virginia – River North Correctional Center. Email account.

Contact: Joshua Hairston #1411138
River North Correctional Center
329 Dellbrook Lane
Independence, Va. 24348

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, J. Hairston

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