Karl Willis

Let The Truth Be Told By Karl Willis

I am an innocence man in prison for a crime I honestly did not commit. A so called co-defendant lied on me and my cousin to reach a plea agreement deal with the state of Ohio. No evidence, fringer prints, or witness besides the state witness who got a deal to to testify against me and my cousin. During his testimony at our trial the state witness states he gave numerous false statements to prosecutors and detectives working the case.

This witness could not get an indictment from the Grand Jury when we were first arrested and taking to court back in 1998. He was indicted on murder charge, aggravated robbery, non-related rape charge, and a gun spec. While me also, my cousin got a No Bill from the Grand Jury on the case.Our no bill was because of lies told from the so called co-defendant, no evidence, weapon, or any evidence linking us to the case besises this so called co-defendant.
During the 9 months we were out the prosecutor and detectives working the case worked with this witness so called co-defendant to get us indicted. With other false information that was hide by the prosecutor before our trial.

Years later during our incarceration the state witness which was our so called co-defendant wrote an affidavit finally telling the truth. Prosecutors and Judges have denied our motion on numerous accounts for new trials and other motions for relief of our conviction.
To make matters more interesting the actual person responsible for the case is out in society while me and my cousin fight for our freedom with the help of the Ohio Innocence Project.

To read more on the case go to ucsocialjustice.com

Karl Willis
DOC #390057


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