Davin Wallace

“Its Done !” by Davin L. Wallace

That’s right it’s already done on the world’s behalf. Literally, It’s no more reasons nor sense in worrying, being angry nor agitated, nor doing too much when it comes to what we desire & ask God for in Jesus name. The Holy Spirit has already received the text from the Father, & the Holy Spirit has already applied the supernatural power to the thing(s), people, place(s) & time(s) which is involved with what we desire. But! Yes it’s a “but”. It’s two harsh realities & it’s harsh because most of the times many professing to believe don’t apply the necessary faith & receiving to walk in that power, enter that promise land, receive that miracle etc. And those who just choose to not believe in & recieve the Word & Christ as their personal Lord & Savior is simply on the outside of the Kingdom & all the goodness within. For Christians the main necessity is belieth. And the reality is many aren’t receiving what has already been done due to lack of belieth. I tell you now I’m taking joy just being able to blog so I can tell the world about my already freedom, prosperity, long healthy beautiful life, which is also for all those who are locked to God’s sanctification & holiness by being locked in to me, (1 Cor. 7:12-14) whom is locked in to the Father thru the Son.. Of course I thank God in His Trinity(Father, Son & Holy Spirit) as one, but I thank, praise, glorify & fellowship w/Him individually as well. Excuse me, but I can’t go on without inviting those who haven’t received Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior to come & receive the greatest gift ever. It’s my desire & joy that all shall have salvation & the power of God thru Christ, His blood, death, burial & resurrection applied to them & in them by Holy Spirit. I don’t care what you did yesterday, years ago or 5 minutes ago nor do tomorrow. God is waiting for you to receive the love, grace & mercy already established for you now & forever while you can right where you at, & it can be done simply by confessing & believing. And don’t get religious w/me & definitely not with God, saying where is the preacher, who go do this? So u know, I’m anointed by God & I declare to have been anointed to preach to the poor, free/deliver the captive, heal the seek & raise the dead in the name of Jesus to all whom is willing to receive by faith in the name of Jesus. Plus, The Father has already done it thru the Son now the Holy Spirit go see to it that it’s manifested thru whatever person(s) God deems acceptable. The Word from Romans 10:9 reads: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead thou shall be saved. Salvation is literally simple as that & only the devil would have you believe it’s more complicated. So if you’re ready to “receive” that forgiveness, grace, mercy, love, deliverance, healing, eternal life, prosperity, miracle/supernatural activity etc. for your life, I on behalf of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ invite you right now. I ask & beg you out of love & care for you , that you read (not too loud depending where you’re at) with me the following: Dear Father God I come to you in the precious & mighty name of Jesus Christ to declare by the confessing of my mouth & belieth in my heart that Jesus is indeed the world’s & my true & only Christ, Lord & Savior whom was born through the virgin Mary. And I confess that He gave His life to experience death & that he was buried but yet risen on the third day defeating the sting of death that I also may take part in His death, burial & resurrection. Lord Jesus I repent of my sins & declare you as my Lord & Savior, now come into my heart, In Jesus name amen!
If you confessed that & believe what you just confessed, its without question that you’re truly born again a new being whom old self is dead & buried while the new you has resurrected. You are now a child of God, bride of Christ & host of the Holy Spirit & partaker & inheritor of the Kingdom. It’s Done! And now you can declare every promise of God is done already on your behalf. God bless you brother & sister & I love You! This invitation is valid forever & for all.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851


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