Milton Dixon

Introducing Milton Dixon

my name is Milton, 33 from Cleveland, Ohio. Incarcerated since 2004 with an exit date of March 2019. currently enrolled in the college program their offering us, studying basic psychology. eye live with a spontaneous curiosity of how something would make me feel. adventurous, love creating memories, open-minded about new ideas and sharing thoughts. out going, never up tight, with a humorous personality. humble listener who enjoys the art of conversation.
this has been a long journey with many ups and down that would shift the focus of any stable man embarking on this travel. having a clear vision becomes a struggle when your voice is silenced by the depth of the hole created by others claiming love but forgot your own existence. yet with this platform, eye hope to grab the attention of someone who shares the same passions as eye. someone who desire to welcome a stranger, without a bias attitude, relating views, opinions, and just the fact of getting to know. thanks for visiting my page, hope to hear from you and please enjoy the rest of your day.
though if wanting faster contact my information follows:

Milton Dixon
DOC #471-187


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