Maurice Stergis

Introducing Maurice Stergis

My Name is Maurice Stergis, I’m 28 years old from Cleveland OH. I’m 5″11 African American with tattoos all over my body and I workout daily sometimes twice a day, and I love sports. I’m a real down to earth humble type of person who loves music and reading books as a past time. I’m looking for someone that I can build a bond with that can never be broken. I never been the type of person to discriminate on looks or ages, I just love a person with a great personality with goals and knows what they want out of life.
They God would never put more on you than you can handle and there is not to many other people out there if placed under the circumstances I have been under thse past few years that could still stand tall with their held high, not to mention blocking out all the negativity and remaining productive. I’ve been using my time to do something the streets would have never gave me the luxury of doing , which is obtain my GED so I can better myself for my future and I’m currently taking Business Management classes so I can be successful in life and open up a Babrber Shop because its not to late for me its far from over. I just look at this as God’s way of sitting me down and grooming me for the next phase of life.

I would love to share more but if I keep going we would have nothing to talk about… lol… But I do hope that you can find it in your heart to give us a chance to build.

My info is:
Maurice Stergis #590-158
Po Box 56
Lebanon ,OH 45036
You can set up an account through

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