Clarence Vie

Empathy,a series of views,and giveing a few. By Clarence Vie

Inmates we are called,and numbers we have been labled.mine is 392977.
People call me mustafa’it means chosen. Its a muslim name as i am
A sufi one. I pray to god a lot ,and hope for a better people to be with.
Thats to say ive been in prison from 2000 ,i was 34 when i started as an
Inmate hear in this ohio prison.
Being unable to find knowledge in ones lifestyle can be a essue.but
To be left behind in this state of mind,can be a crime.i mean every day
Chalenges isnt in prison to learn for femaes there isnt any
Males to relate matters,nor for males no females to get another perspective on religious matters so to speek. Like ware is the views
To why there is an out break of new drugs,or tattoos on eoples faces.
Im a man at my mid 100 and i cant connect to any one that can relate
To me as to why life to me has fallen for the free thinker to now none.

A little about my personal life ; i was given 15 to life for murder.the victum was a childmolester. I regret the death of tje person.
See i took from him the opportunity to be able to injoy a real woman.
A chance to worship god,to own a house,or just to be a my
Knowledge it wasnt my place to judge a 34 year old.
I do a lot of political thinking,and im a preacher,also by trade a body-
Builder .
Todays prison social life is as is king,and frugs are boss .
Respect is not given to elders,its not a principle. Rather its replaced
With gibberish language,and unproper speech .drugs control staff members,and it speeks its own way. Just look what hapen at ross
Correctional institution 8-19- 2018 ,but the biggest of questions are
I wonder why disrespect is a principle,one can only reach out to the
World an ask was it nature evolveing,or from the outside nurtured
From birth.
Empathy by clarence vie#392977 born 4-5-65 eds date 7 -16-2024.

Clarence Vie
DOC #392977


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