Davin Wallace

“Who would’ve Knew”, by Davin L. Wallace

I believe the devil been seen/heard the calling of God on my life way before I recognized it. Whether it was before I was born or at the times when my mother forced me & my brother to go to church so she could do her, or the times God delivered me from near death. It’s without question according to the natural eye & mind I should have died on more than one occasion. From being stabbed a inch away from my heart where I actually lost conscious twice & came back, to being shot 16x & seeing a friend die is more than enough reason to believe the devil know I was predestined to do a thing that will bring devastation to his plans & glory to God’s Kingdom. I know the devil thought he won my soul & life on different occasions. My mother’s drug addiction & our falling out may have been the beginning, maybe when I committed my most regretful sin or started selling drugs & the many arrests or when my first love started getting high & when our relationship fell apart. Being separated from my siblings at a young age, now separated from my children, the up & down me & Kiki go through, Dae Dae & Rell deaths, stripped of my freedom & sentenced to 34 years probably had the devil jumping for joy with hope that I would be a lock to continue to be his. And to be honest it was a time that I blamed God & felt I had a legitimate reason to be bitter, upset, sinful, unloving & without faith. But now knowing God had me in preparation way back when I was a little boy embarrased while cleaning up Afton Ave by force so my mother could pay her rent, to now realizing God always protected me, gave me a platform & status that I onced used for the wrong reasons. The flip side of all this is that I now recognize God had a plan for all that has taken place even in the most painful moments & the moments that I actually was the reason for the drama. The thoughts of my past bring me to my two favorite scriptures, which are. “Nothing created to come against me shall prosper”, & “All things work together for our good”. Not one wound nor scar upon me physically, mentally nor emotionally has been a result of defeat but actually has served in God’s plan to show His mighty hands of protection & deliverance, while at the same time molding me into who He created & called me to be. It’s without question that I’m meant to help clean up Afton, stand on the platform that God suited me for, extend God’s love to current drug addicts, mainly my mother. I wish I could have came to this realization sooner but God’s timing & plans are perfect. So with saying, the devil lose again. I know he never would’ve thought I would appreciated the 34 year sentence & all of my seemingly darkest moments God used to deliver & mold me. God has shown me that He can & will deliver me from any situation & by faith I know He has already delivered me from the 18 years left on that 34 year sentence.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851


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