David Brown II

Introducing David Brown II

my name is David Brown 2 i am 41 years old i am doing 8 years… i started this time 9-1-2015 my outdate is 9-1-2023…. i am from chillicothe ohio have 4 children 3 are grown my youngest is 16…3 are girls 1 boy!!!my interest are music and reading books i enjoy gaining new knowledge everyday….i am on my third year of incarsaration and have recently started going to a church service here at lebanon called crossroads,which i enjoy very much..i also am involved in programing just trying to stay as busy as possible….thank you for this site and being able to blog…my contact info is as follows DAVID BROWN 2 #724-457 P.O. BOX 56 LEBANON OHIO 45036!!!!!

DOC #724-457

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