Nathaniel Robinson

Doing time by Nate Robinson

Doing time in prison can be extremely rough. Not because you’re around criminals but just having your freedom taking away can do something to your mental state of mind. Having friends and family in your corner can makes doing time a little easier. I have seen guys with no family support just not care about anything because they feel like nobody cares about them. That’s not a good way to do time. I find myself talking to a lot of younger guys in here that seems to be getting into unnecessary trouble. I tell them to make the best out of this bad situation. If they don’t have a GED, I encourage them to take this time to get it before they go home. If they have a drug problem I encourage them enroll into a drug program. Take advantage of ever opportunity the system has to offers. Some listen and some dont, but hey I’m no mentor or nothing like that. I just want us all to better ourselves. If you find something positive to do to keep you busy the more likely you will avoid any type of trouble and it will help your time go a little faster. Me personally I have been working my job making licence plates for over 4 years. It keeps me busy and I swear time is flying.

Nathaniel Robinson
DOC #696-962

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