Patrick Williams Jr

THE EVERYDAY STRUGGLES: by Patrick Williams Jr

I don’t know why we expect so much from people and have such expectations for others that are more than they have for themselves, I think we have to lower our expectations for people and maybe we want be so disappointed, have you ever put so much energy into someone and they let you down. its like you had more faith in them than they did for themselves smh the problem with that is I keep doing it! idk why but I also keep getting the same results….. disapointment! and that’s my everyday struggle it can be the little things that I give people the benefit of doubt for / for example I can trust someone with my love or my loyalty ( and not just relationship aspects ) but friendships as well its like my generation haves no morals or principals when it comes to business,relationships, or just being men and women of there words and for me its a everyday struggle to trust or just give a person the benefit , it makes you not even want to open that door up with another person but I’m afraid I might miss a blessing I might miss that real love or that real friend or just might miss helping someone that really needs it and appreciate it, well this is my everyday struggle with life and if yours is the same pleas don’t give up because someone has let you down more than once just cut that person off and move on to the next I promise you its someone who is looking for your love as a friend or as your partner in life and if your everyday struggle is different don’t give up just put more energy into what your doing or into yourself always remember people and things disappoint you but you should never disappoint you we have to figure our everyday struggle out……. peace
words of Patrick Williams Jr #540683 at Ross correctional institution

Patrick Williams Jr
DOC #540683

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