Davin Wallace

“My Partner” by Davin L. Wallace

In the past I have had street partners, serious relationship partners, sex partners, business partners etc, & it’s safe to say those partners have came & gone whether by choice or force, whether by entering their new life or & death or me entering mine. And now I realize those relationships was never meant to last because the partnership nor partner including myself didn’t possess the substance, stability nor foundation to hold a partnership together. See a partnership is based on a relationship that supports one another involved in the area in which they came together for in the first place. A true partnership comes together for the purpose of increasing one another with the possibility of one increasing the other more so than the other. And in reality, most of the times that’s the case, because rarely you find a perfect match that meet equally on every level. So of course compromise, understanding, patience, willing to stretch where your partner can’t reach, even push when they beat & pull when they ahead of themselves is needed. Loyalty is probably the most significant but yet the least applied principle in most partnerships today. I can imagine majority of the failure rate of partnerships stem from the lack of loyalty to one’s own goals & purpose for entering the partnership. So if you not loyal to self then it’s evident that your loyalty isn’t sufficient for someone else. In the many categories of partnership I’ve definetly failed a unimaginable number of times. So all the contents of this messages in this blog come from my personal experiences, mostly involving my errors. Sometimes the partnership wasn’t what one or the other thought it was go be, like the chemistry was bad & at others times it was great for a while but it didn’t encourage the desire for long term. My problem was usually I didn’t truly value my partners nor got to know them to see their true worth. And when it came to trust I never gave a real reason why any type of partner should trust me. A lot of times as people of the world & the flesh people are motivated to say & do whatever to persuade another person to believe we are the perfect/ “realest” partner for them just to get what we want. Plus in my ignorance & arrogance I lived foolishly believing I possessed more significance than others.
I’m quite sure it’s some people who have found their ideal perfect partner & they have went on to enjoy life, flood the bank from a business point, & from a intimate perspective some have got married & lived forever after. In whatever way, form or fashion that you desire a partner for, its always going to be a great risk of being disappointed, but its never a great enough reason to stop desiring or seeking that partner. And the only advise I believe I’m qualified to give is, don’t settle. I say this with experience, having seen many settle for me, when I offered nothing but a momentarily pleasure. That’s what majority of the world truly offer. A joy ride that fades out & takes a turn from that once exciting heart beating lust, because love can never be deterred, compromised, lost nor measured/compared to anything else. You either love or you don’t.
In my case I have finally found that perfect partner and its by no coincidence it’s the Holy Spirit ,who I know will provide all the necessities to live a loving, peaceful, joyful, long prosperous, supernatural life. See the Holy Spirit is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow, for He is God & God is love, which true love is purity. See its no such thing as I love you & then cheat; or I love you & hate you in the same thought. That’s not love, that’s confused. God can’t cheat nor is He confused. The Holy Spirit as our partner, provides the power that all we desire shall be given to us & I believe He will even lead us to the earthly partner(s) our hearts desire & lead them to us, but first we must get in partnership w/Him. Im nothing to a earthly partner if I dont have God in His entire Trinity. I pray all whom seeking partnership will first lock in with the Holy Spirit so He can lead you down the road of all your desires that God the Father has given thru God the Son Jesus Christ which will be manifested by God the Holy Spirit.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851


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