George Pardo

Introducing George Pardo

im george pardo.latin puerto rican,born an raised up in BROOKLYN NEW YORK CITY,im 5\8 tall an now wieght 178 ,blessed to be 47 years of age.only doing twelve years ,been down out date is 11.27.2021.but my out date changes each month cause i get good days for programing,work.good behavior,finish god,thank u for accepting my genuine friendship,like reading an writting,born again a peoples to help others,very socialble.if god blesses me.i will be home next year on early judicail release 8.9.2019,cant wait,love to open up my own buisness in construction.landscaping,barber cooking im great at.and to continue in church.but please u can help me in picking topics,cause i have alot to a new yorker,been there,done alot,been shot before,hit by a car,lived that fast lime light in new york

George Pardo
DOC #A584223

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