Keith Brooks

“Chasing My Dreams” By Author Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks


Life is what you make it. There are no excuses of why you can’t accomplish the things that you want to accomplish. You can do anything if you stay focused and put your mind to it. Your destiny is in your own hands. We all have choices in life. We were all blessed with the power to make a choice. We can choose to either win or lose. We can either try or give up. We can either go hard and succeed or we can give a small amount of effort and fail. Whatever we decide to do in our lives, we are all blessed with the opportunity to make a choice.

I made a choice to go hard for my cause and chase my dreams. I made a choice to stay far away from heavy drugs and alcohol. I made a choice to stay far away from negative individuals and criminal activity. As a legitimate corporate businessman I have to surround myself with nothing but positive people and positive energy. I made the choice to retire the street life and live a productive lifestyle. I can’t live the street life and be successful corporate businessman at the same time. I realize that so I’m living different now.

I’m chasing my dreams to be successful in the music industry and to become a great author. I’m going hard in the paint each and everyday of my life from behind this wall. I have a story to tell to the world so I’m sharing a portion of it in my new book. My book “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” is my introduction to the world. Always remember that change is very necessary if you want to succeed in life. By following me as an author you’ll recognize that anybody in this world can change and succeed. Even if you’re against all odds, you can still change and overcome anything that has held you bacc from accomplishing your goals. If I can change anybody can change and that’s a fact.

Nobody had faith in my will to change. The individuals that have observed my past behavior and lifestyle think that I’m in too deep to change. I have the power, will, and determination to prove them wrong. I’m a successful rapper, author, and CEO of my own entertainment company. I will be a fool to destroy the empire that I’m building. I have movie deals locced in and I will be starring in the upcoming movie “Escaping The Allure of the Game” by author Shaunta Kenerly. You can read the “Escaping The Allure of the Game” 3 part series by ordering them through Amazon.

I came from a very dark place but I’m headed for the light. By reading my new book “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” you’ll understand why change is very necessary. You can purchase the “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” book by author Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks from or Barnes & Noble. Place your order today and take a trip into my world. My new book covers a lot of ground and will touch you in many ways. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” is one of the best books out right now so don’t miss out on this good read.

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