William Morgan

“Why I believe that loyalty is an endangered species” by William Morgan.

I believe that today’s culture that is based on materialistic gains, and dog eat dog mentality, is a cancer which has spread to the masses. We all grow up in different environments. My personal experiences were riddled with elements of poverty. Therefore my goals were always centered around getting money to solve the obvious have-not equations which frequently plague minorities in Chicago, and other urban communities throughout America.

An obvious mistake for a ghetto resident is to pursue an illegal path to success. Greed will keep you chasing the proverbial carrot on the stick. Which ultimately leads to death, or incarceration.Putting one into a deeper position. Instead of quitting while one is ahead the cliche-hunger for more keeps you in a state of( De Novo).

Now one’s loyalty is dedicated to financial gain. Whatever stands in the way of the quest is no match for the ambition that accompanies the hustle. The people that depend on a hustler for financial support are merely on deck for the ride. When that ride ends the relations also burn out like old campfires because yesterday’s in the street game are commonly disregarded.

The “On to the next 1” mentality is immediately activated unless we build our foundations with solid individuals. The illusions of immediate success often creates a dense fog that makes it hard for the hustler to see clearly. Once incarceration comes into play various scenarios also manifest. For example, the loss of leadership in a household causes the conscious woman to assume manly duties. Soon she will realize that she doesn’t need the man to take care of the household, and he becomes expendable.

Loyalty is in jeopardy because of the consistent pressure to keep up with the popular culture. Money and stability overrules all. As long as one can provide he/she is the realist person alive, but as soon as the money train derails those people are irrelevant, or forgotten. Back in the day it was loyalty over anything. Now brothers will beef over Money, Women, and egos. Women will fight over Men. Mothers against daughters. Fathers against son’s.Best friends now enemies.

We need to become more analytical of our actions towards our social circles, and change our ways. Our Women need better men, the Men need loyal women. Our kids deserve better examples……….Written by William Morgan #561-985 Lebanon correctional Institution.

William Morgan
DOC #561-985


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