Most people believe that ” Loyalty ” is the most important aspect of any relationship. However, ” Respect ” is by far the most important attribute in any relationship, and this is why. Take any normal intimate relationship between a man and a woman. Now, throughout the entire relationship the man’s ” Loyalty ” has never been tested. So, in his woman’s eyes, he is her Prince in shining armour. Now one day, let’s call the gentleman James, decides to hang out with his boys. So, because of James’ ” Loyalty ” towards his woman, she doesn’t have a problem with her man hanging out with his boys.
James assures her he will be home by 11pm and not to worry. However, as times goes by, it quickly becomes 3 in the morning and James hasn’t come home nor called. James’ woman is worried out of her mind because she knows that this behavior is unlike her James. So, she decides to track him down and arrives at the food place James and his boys are at. When the crowd notices James’ woman approaching, everybody becomes quite.
When James finally turns around and see his woman approaching, he panicks and removes his arm from around the woman he was with. Once James’s woman begin to ask a series of questions that any woman would ask her man, James becomes defensive. Once James realize that he was busted and didn’t have a logical answer, he became angry. James, called his woman a stupid bitch and said ” damn, I been loyal to yo ass since day one and now you bring yo as out here in public and embarrass me in front of my boys”. James went on saying ” I can’t believe yo stupid ass “.
James’ woman began to cry and said ” James, I can’t believe you disrespected me like this in front of everybody and had the nerve to call me a bitch “. She went on saying, ” I trusted yo ass and thought you was a loyal person, but damn I was so wrong “. James knew he had messed up and grabbed his Keyes and just left the scene. Once they both arrived back at their home, James’ woman explained to him what ” Respect ” was.
She told James that her best friends husband wouldn’t never disrespect her under no circumstances. Especially in front of some strangers. James was at a lost for words and just sat there looking bewildered. It was then that James knew he didn’t ” Respect ” hisself enough not to ” Disrespect ” his woman. James finally spoke up and said, ” baby I apologize and I have to learn to respect myself before I can learn to respect anybody else “.
James’ woman was processing the difference between ” Respect and Loyalty “. It was then at that very moment, she said to James, ” Loyalty has levels to it and you don’t or won’t know how loyal you are to somebody until your loyalty is tested “. She went on saying, “Respect is connected to your soul and your core beliefs, which is how you gain self respect, morals, values and principles “.
James, quickly apologized again to his woman and knew that it was ” Respect ” for hisself and his woman he was lacking. So, in any relationship in life, always remember that the key to a successful relationship is your Respect for yourself and the other person. If I respect myself surely I’m not going to disrespect my woman!!!!!!!
So, all my ladies out there reading this, please understand that a man can be Loyal all day long in front of you. But the question is, ” How is he going to be Loyal to you behind your back “? This is where the Respect comes into play. Respect is the main ingredient in our relationships!!!!! Now, don’t get me wrong, Loyalty is a good attribute to have, but until it get tested how strong is someone’s Loyalty towards you? Respect is all day, everyday, and it never leaves nor has levels!!!!!!! In all other regards, God bless y’all and I look forward to building strong and effective communications with everybody.

Maurice Jackson
DOC #396-218

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