Jeremy Gautreau

Introducing Jeremy M Gautreau

I came into the system on October 16, 2001 and my out date is on Saterday April 13, 2019.
I am 44 years old and will be 4 on October 2 of this year. Standing 6ft tall and about 185 Pounds. I lost my wife as a wife not long after I ws sentenced in 2004. It ws a very hard thing.
I have three children Mather 24, Sarah 18 and Noah 16 who will be 17 in march of 2019. Because of my charge I could not have contact with them until the last few years when my oldest son had enough and was able to come and see me after we wrote each otehr in emails.
SInce I have been incrcerated I have went to thre vo-techs and now I am enrolled in Ashland College with a major in Communications and a minor in Business management. It is difficult but I did make a 3.5 G P A for the spring semester AWSOME.
My parents are still alive and suport me 100% If you want to contact them my dad’s Email is His name is Garu and my mothers name is Etiole (morning Star)
The native people call me Crying Wolf as I am a teacher of native Philosophy. In fact I spent 2.5 months in the hole for my beliefs and for filing an ARP for the smoking of Dip.
I’ll write some more on that as I formulate some essays on this and other subjects.
I have asthma and many other medical issues that this aggravates. One cannot allow this to continue.

Jeremy M Gautreau #00482805
Rlcc;Cajun 3-bed-27
1630 Prison Rd.
cotton port, LA 71327


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