Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Part 1
Man I miss my dawg

I remember when we was broke
then we start seeing paper from illegal
activities ,two young lost souls.but one thing we understood and never lost was loyalty .Man I miss you bro when you got kilt .I went crazy I felt like I lost the other half of me ,man till this day I’m hurt
sitting in a cell just wishing you ain’t get
kilt and we could of lived are ghetto dream ,get rich and move our moms out
the hood,damn them was the days .Bro
you the only true friend I ever had .I know you in heaven looking down on me proud
that I’m still real wit 16 yrs in hell.Bro
this prison sh#t 90% mental &10% physical. So its definitely not easy but I have a sense of self and love myself
plus God is great ,I coulding live without
him and bro I’m grown now ,so I’m confident that my future bright when
I touch earth again .Bro I’m 3 seconds
away from freedom but been behide this fence I feel like I’m outta space .But
Ima stay strong bro so don’t worry.
I love you bro and see you when I get there .

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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