Marvin Burrage


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Before I go any farther, I would like to say this is a story about my life,nothing will be changed, no names or anything,so please bear with me while I write this out sometimes I might not be clear,but I will try and be as clear as I can… Now there are 10 of us,my mother had 6 boys and 1 girl,names are Willie,Timothy, Tony,Marvin,Ronald,Princess, Eddie,my mom name is Myrtle but we all called her Sister or mom,,my stepfather name is Gene,and my stepbrother’s name are David,Craig and my stepsister name is Tony and they lived with him and we lived with my mother,also all of us had different fathers,Princess and Eddie was Gene kids,Willie knew his dad and he lived in Rockland ILL with his dad for as long as I could remember,Tony always said a man named Leion was his dad but I never believed it,Ronnie dad was name Richard he would see him once in a blue moon,Timmy never seen his dad,she told me my dad was a man named William Miller he came and got me once in my life any other time I seen him I would got to his Job and see him I must have been around 9 or 10 years old riding the bus to see him,he would give me maybe $5 and tell me go home,that was it,no how you doing son,nothing just how you get here,,,our family was divided into the older ones a against the youngest, which is Willie,Timmy,tony,against me and Ronnie,they would whip us and make us clean the house and we would tell on them when moms came home but as soon as she left we would get whipped, one day after they whipped me they was trying to hold Ronnie down to whip him ,tony pulled Ronnie leg from under him and Ronnie fell and hit his chin on the floor and his teeth went threw his chin and blood was everywhere and they was telling us we better not tell,but they couldn’t stop the blood and when it did stop me and Ronnie ran away,we didn’t care where we slept at,we just walked the streets going into restaurant eating food that was left behind, if it was money on the table we would take it,I don’t know how moms knew where we was but it seem like she always found us,so we would be back at home waiting on gene to come because we knew he was coming but we didn’t know when and most of the time it was when we was sleep and he would wake us up by beating us with a cord I mean he whipped us like it seem forever we would be bleeding but that didn’t stop the beatings and when it was over he would make us get in the tub together in cold water, we hated that man,I would rather live in the street then live with my family,I mean this man taught you about everything that’s wrong,but no honor among family,he made you go against family,but me and Ronnie stuck together and when we went to school and kids picked on me he stood up for me no matter how big they was,I remember we was going to Kenneth w Clement school and these big girls kept messing with me so I told Ronnie the next day we went to school he got into a fight with both of them,I was the quite one Ronnie was wild but he looked after me,we would go into stores and stuff our pockets with whatever we could get in them,then we would go to the next store and help people carry their bags and they would give us a quarter or 50 cents,wouldn’t you know it gene just happen to pull up he made us get in the car took us to school and whipped us in front of the class,then the teacher let us leave with him,he took us to some store and he was looking at some wenches handing them to us telling us to put them in our pockets and when we left the store he let us know we was still getting a whipping when we got home,so we got to begging him saying we would wash his car or we will go steal you a car,but we didn’t get a whipping when we got home,,but when moms came home we got a whipping and I mean she hit you with whatever she got her hands on,she whipped us one day with a curtain rod and man did that shit hurt,me and Ronnie got together and said man let’s get out of here,so we ran away and this time when we got we really got beat by moms,then grandmother and when your grandmother whip you she talk to you and you really don’t know what to do because he be saying things like do it again do you hear me do it again, I said do it so when she was done whipping us we ran away again because we thought that’s what she meant… the times we had to go to gene house we never looked forward to but we was glad to see David and Craig we will be outside playing and gene would know when you having to much fun,he say who’s cutting the grass and who’s going to wash the car,now this lawnmower throttle was broke so somebody had to push it while the other person walked on the side of it holding the throttle,so after we was done it was time for us to take a bath,now at his house its best to be the first one in the tub,because once the water get in that tub everybody have to use that water,and if he hear the water running whoever in the tub is getting a whipping,sometime you could find almost anything in that water,the girls didn’t have to get in the water they took baths by themselves and when you think of it they was treated different,

Marvin J Burrage
DOC #256209


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