Roderick Dyette

Let’s Make Chicago Safe Again By Roderick Earl Dyette

I guess Chicago can be safe again if Chicago loved again. Yeah Chicago did love. The Nation Of Islam headquarters is there, the Moorish Science Temple Of America INC headquarters use to be there. What happened to the love, where did the hope filled spirit go and the working for a better tomorrow attitude go? If it is lost let’s start looking for it; if it is being held for ransom let’s come together and pay it all the attention it needs. If it calls for sacrafice, let’s sacrifice together; if it calls for forgiveness let’s forgive together; If we can do that then we can look forward together and we will definitely be able to move forward together “love instead of hate all day everyday”. First we must forgive, forgive ourselves for not forgiving. Forgiving is one of the hardest things to do in the world! however before healing can begin forgiving must happen. Chicago home of where the most beautiful diamonds come from and some of the finest gold and strongest souls. The high spirited and uplifting minds are still in Chicago some are in graves and some have yet to be born because of fear of the child being aborted as a teenager while still living in the womb of his community. Let’s not judge others let’s love others. Let’s live, love and pray for our Chicago; Pray for the babies, natives, brothers and sisters in Chicago by being the best examples we can be. We do not have to march or rally in Chicago we can have community gatherings have shows themes “stop the violence save the children”. Let’s help all of the mothers and families who lost their child to a violent act heal. May Peace be with you and Love keep you.

Roderick Dyette #1111137
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O.Box 488
Burkeville, Va 23922


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