Roderick Dyette

All Love Matter by Roderick Earl Dyette

When will there be a black lives matter or an all lives matter rally or gathering in Chicago? When are WE gonna say enough is enough? who’s mother which mother are we waiting for to cry to say something or do something; we “the people” of sound mind and caring hearts must stand and speak to each other. Brother’s survivers of prison bids let’s help Mama’s stop crying by doing what we can to stop the violence and stop the silence YEAH! stop the silence; people are not talking anymore and that could be no one is listening actively. That alone has taken away so much love; listening is truly one of love highlights and most underappreciated attributes. I want to listen, we should listen before it is too late to keep another mama from crying.
Thank you for listening. Peace N Love Roderick Dyette #1111137 @
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, Va 23922

Roderick Dyette
DOC #1111137


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